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ue: March 23, 2009 (Mon) @ your discussion section Drawing from the , analyze the film language used within one film of your choice. You may choose to analyze a film from our past screenings or outside of the screenings. The film may be a feature film, short film, documentary, etc.—again, your choice. Your paper should address all of the following: 1. In no more than one paragraph (approximately 5~7 sentences), concisely summarize the overall plot of the film. Remember to state the title of the film! 2. Choose at least one scene (short or long) from the film, and very briefly describe the scene(s). In other words, what is going on within the scene? (Example: Mr. and Mrs. Smith are about to engage in a gun fight at their house; Harry and Sally go to their best friends’ wedding and quarrel about the night before).
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