Assignment 6 - RTF 305 Section 11 Assignment 6 Sound...

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RTF 305: Section 11 Assignment 6: Sound Effects Matt Fisher There is nothing scarier than a lonely hotel room, but the movie 1408 pushes the limits of thrill and enters a realm of true fear. The movie, based on a popular Stephen King novel, follows our protagonist, actor John Cusack, through the perils of this haunted hotel room. John Cusack is actually a struggling scary story writer who visits haunted tourist attractions to write about his experiences. One day Cusack receives an anonymous post card to visit room 1408 at the Dolphin Hotel in New York City; he accepts the offer and thus the movie begins. Cusack is confronted with ghosts, zombies, and suicidal thoughts throughout his stay in the room, and in the end Cusack is hysterical and attempts to defeat the haunted room by burning it down (killing himself in the process). Even though Cusack dies heroically, the room lives on. A combination of music, dialogue, and ambiance accompanies the footage in order to create trepidation within the audience. In the particular scene I chose, John Cusack is entering the Dolphin Hotel and is about to
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Assignment 6 - RTF 305 Section 11 Assignment 6 Sound...

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