Gender Inequalities - RTF 305: Section 11 Gender...

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RTF 305: Section 11 Gender Inequalities Matt Fisher Inequalities and social pressures have always been a very pervasive thought throughout our society, namely in the media whether in television shows, video games, magazines, or advertisements. Society is bombarded with social images and gender roles daily. Most of this assault causes people to conform to the norms of the media whether that is an aggressive man or an emaciated woman. In Killing Us Softly and Tough Guise , these pressures are very evident starting at a young age, maturing to our old age and breeding the same stigmatism over again. Jackson Katz of Tough Guise presents very persuasive ideas focusing on masculinity evolving into an aggressive gender over time, one of the most interesting of his examples being that superheroes have become more physical and G.I. Joe’s biceps more defined. In the late 1960’s during Batman’s release on the silver screen, he had an average build nothing unrealistic and not too violent. Now in the release of new Batman films, his body and character have become more physically built and more physically aggressive. According to the film, along with the superheroes, G.I. Joe’s biceps have grown 14 inches since the 70’s. When kids see their heroes portrayed
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Gender Inequalities - RTF 305: Section 11 Gender...

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