Noam Chomsky - RTF: 305; Section 11 Assignment One:...

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RTF: 305; Section 11 Assignment One: Manufacturing Consent Matt Fisher “Propaganda is to democracy what violence is to a dictatorship,” claims Noam Chomsky (1988) in the documentary, Manufacturing Consent . He implies that no thought is free and all governments control the minds of their citizens to obtain monopolistic power whether through media regulation or violent force. Through a series of case studies Chomsky claims that corporate America controls the media and news in such a way that the dominant, elite class can further pursue profits and power. This may have been the case in Chomsky’s time of publication, but in the age of user- generated content, free thought, opinions, and speech are encouraged, ensuring that the media conglomerates are in check. In order for democracy to exist free access to information and opinions is required. Through much of the documentary, Chomsky states that most of that free access has been consolidated into a few companies that empower and elect the government officials. With this partnership, the companies accomplish what they want and the government is able to do the same. In a sense, Chomsky regurgitates Karl Marx’s original idea of a political economy, where the society is grounded in the fact
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Noam Chomsky - RTF: 305; Section 11 Assignment One:...

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