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RTF:305 Section: 11 Premium Channels Matt Fisher It has always been said that opposites attract. It is most commonly thought that opposites attract each other, but I believe that opposites attract attention. Overall, the themes and most general content are very similar. There are only a few different genres in television, but the approach to each genre is extremely different. These types of shows differ in the way the ideas are presented in the story line and the overall plot of the shows. The shows’ perspectives are almost completely opposite views of the norms of society. Broadcast television is used to reflect what the societal values are currently, but the more narrowcasted premium shows are able to show the alternative perspectives of these genres; and essentially frame the show in a new light. The primary thing that makes these shows attractive and somewhat addictive is the fact it gives an alternative and opposite view to the broadcast world. Premium cable serves as an escape for the broadcast bubble created in mainstream television. In lecture on March 2, Professor Kumar stressed the characteristics of premium channels. The overall idea was they had to impress the customer. Who wants to pay for television anyway? The idea behind premium channels is customers subscribe for access to these channels so there is no need for advertisements. The media
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Premium Cable - RTF:305 Section: 11 Premium Channels Matt...

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