Test 3 Notes - 4-13Sound•Sound can do things pictures...

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Unformatted text preview: 4-13Sound•Sound can do things pictures can’t do -> always alive•Jack Foley started making sound effectsoFoley = sound effect•Ambiances – background soundoGenerally throw away original background and put in new•Sound usually comes from the middle or both channels•Cocktail effect- we can pick out the voice we want to hear•The birth of surround sound = Apocalypse NowoHelicopters•Godfather – train sounds in murder scene, you can impact movie when you take away sound4-15Documentary•Intimate stories, stories of moral courageoFollow a single character that challenges the status quoEX Diana the hair stylist•Some documentaries can relive4-20Screen writing•Hollywood all comes down to the screenwriterso3 Essentials to screenwritingStoryCharacterStructure•StoryoProtagonist going after a goalEx Indiana Jones raiders of the lost arkoThe goal has to be life or death for the protagonistSome are physically and others are emotionally“No One has come out alive.” – Indiana JonesoProtagonist ---------------------------------goalBoringoProtagonist ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ > goalConflict = goal + obstaclesoWe want tension in the film to escalate...
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Test 3 Notes - 4-13Sound•Sound can do things pictures...

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