Exam _ 2 Format and Examples

Exam _ 2 Format and Examples - THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT...

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THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN DEPARTMENT OF SPANISH AND PORTUGUESE 601D - FALL 2010 EXAM # 2: FORMAT AND EXAMPLES I. LISTENING SECTION (24 points) Video . As you watch the video, answer the following questions. Write your answers in Spanish. Video will be played twice. (12 points) 1. ¿Qué está haciendo Lupe cuando Jordi llama: ___________________________________________ 2. ¿Qué deporte ( sport) le encanta a Jordi?________________________________________________ 3. ¿A dónde quiere ir Lupe?____________________________________________________________ 4. ¿Qué obra de teatro ( play ) quiere ver Lupe?_____________________________________________ 5. ¿A qué lugar invita Jordi a Lupe?_____________________________________________________ 6. ¿Por qué a Jordi no le interesa hacer el reportaje ( report ) acerca ( about ) de la obra de teatro? teatro? ____________________________________________________________________________ Audio. Listen to a portion of a job interview. Then, choose the appropriate response. Audio will played twice. (12 points) 1. The interviewer’s name is: a. Elena Aguirre b. Esther Aranda c. Esmeralda Acosta 2. The interviewee’s name is: a. Javier Santiago b. Juan Sánchez. c. José Salvador 3. The bank is looking for experienced: a. driver b. cashier c. secretary 4. The annual salary for that position will be: a. 20,000 b. 25,000 c. 30,000 5. According to the interviewer, the work schedule will be: a. 8:00 to 3:00 b. 8:00 to 4:00 c. 8:00 to 5:00 6. The future employee will work in the bank: a. Monday thru Friday b. Monday thru Saturday c. Tuesday thru Saturday 1
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II. WRITTEN SECTION (76 points) A. Read the following article about letter writing to get an idea of the context. Then, choose the most appropriate response to complete the selection according to the context. (5 pts.) Una ____( 1 )____ de presentación no es simplemente un hábito de cortesía ni solo una formalidad: es el principal instrumento de promoción de candidatura. Necesita llamar la atención de la persona que va a ____( 2 )____ tu curriculum vitae ( resumé ) para tratar de conseguir una ____( 3 )____ . No puedes tener una carta ya hecha, necesita ser personalizada cada vez. La carta perfecta puede “abrir puertas”.
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Exam _ 2 Format and Examples - THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT...

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