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Based on six of your transcriptions, one per chapter, analyze and write a report (in English) about the progress of your use of Spanish. III. For your analysis a. Look at the six transcriptions chronologically. b. Compare the transcriptions based on each of the following points to assess your progress throughout the semester. c. Complete the Spanish Progress Report based on your self-evaluation of your progress ( please include specific examples by making references to your recording/transcriptions or giving quotes from your recording/transcripts to support what you are saying). Enter the report in the appropriate Blackboard folder during the last week of classes. 1. Conversational interactional skills Opening (Am I able to open a conversation?) Use of pauses (If I have to pause, do I use verbal means (phrases or words) to do so?) Taking turns (Am I able to let my partner know when I want him / her speak? Do I use phrases or words with my partner to let us take turns?) Closing conversation (How good am I at closing a conversation?) Fluency (Does my speaking flow?) 2. Vocabulary Appropriate vocabulary (Is my vocabulary adequate for the situation I was recording?) Idiomatic expressions (How well do I use idiomatic expressions?) Use of connecting words (Do I use connecting words?) 3. Grammar Correct verb forms (Do I use correct verb tenses?) Agreement (Do my verbs agree with the subject?) 4. Creativity and elaboration (Did I go above and beyond simple replies and questions?) 5. Appropriate socio-cultural use of the language (Did I know how to use tú or usted appropriately?) Appropriate interaction for context (Did I know how to make my language adjust to the role I played, i.e., friends,
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