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Groundswell Listening Outline

Groundswell Listening Outline - Listening outline Listening...

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Listening outline: Listening in the basis, and often most important step, of the Groundswell. Corporations used to think that their brand was what they created it to be. However, nowadays, the brand is defined by consumer perceptions and opinions. These opinions are found in abundance online—in forums, blogs, and other social media. “Your brand is whatever your consumers say it is. And in the groundswell where they communicate with each other, they decide.” Listening is vital because through it a company can find out what their brand stands for, understand how the “buzz” surrounding their brand is shifting and, if needed, manage PR crises. And in the community they can find sources of influence in their market and generate new ideas. >Listening is a type of marketing research. Listening is the way to find out how consumers have defined your brand and what improvements and strengths they see. However, in the groundswell it tells you what you never thought to ask. Online, people are not restricted by the questions in a survey. They say what they think and what is relevant
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