polisciiiiinotes3.2.2011 - independents-Self Selection...

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Poli Sci notes: 3/2/2011 Incumbents who run for reelection are most likely to win= Incumbency Advantage -Gerrymandering: districting to help incumbents -Name recognition -Money raising—people want to put money down on a winner, so people often give money to the incumbent. -Visibility from the office (casework, constituency service, franked mail, trips home) -Decline in PID (Party identification)—people less likely to choose a party, more often
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Unformatted text preview: independents-Self Selection: Impact of Incumbency Advantage:-Partisan impact: May not have a party, may be strangled-Regional impact Norms in Congress (often self-enforcing):-Seniority-Workhorse—get things done, recognized well on Capitol Hill /showhorse—trying to get publicity, rewarded at home (sometimes)-Apprenticeship-Reciprocity-Courtesy-Institutional Patriotism...
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polisciiiiinotes3.2.2011 - independents-Self Selection...

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