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Final May 4 th —Noon-3 Ch Parties=linkage groups Between us and linkage groups 1. Parties as Organizations a. Maintain a party label—set basis b. “litmus test issues”—ones where the entire party should be on the same page c. Party labels change all the time—different rates in different states 2. Parties in the Electorate a. Candidate Selection Process 3. Parties in Government Unified governments don’t seem to be more successful with legislatures. Don’t work as well.
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Unformatted text preview: Weakened Parties—weakened the carrot and the stick 1. Patronage—Pendleton 1883, Hatch Act 1940 2. Ballot Reforms—party printed values 3. Changes in Candidate Recruitment 4. Changes in Fundraising—limit on what parties can spend on their candidates. More individuals running on their own. Parties can’t limit who calls themselves Republican/Democrat—can be embarrassing for the party....
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