POLS Test 3 Notes word

POLS Test 3 Notes word - Linking citizens to the Govt. A....

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Linking citizens to the Govt. A. Advent of behavorism 1. Shift focus from outside beltway (mandated) to inside the beltway (actual). Ex= assign term paper on traffic in downtown Athens, go to city hall, parking regulations and rules. another group stands outside and observe how people behave. Laws vs what actually happens. B. Public opinion 1. Attitudes: what we think and act like. Most not well informed in attitude about things that don’t effect day to day life or really care about. 2. Ideology: a set of highly organized attitudes. C.Acquisition of Attitude, socialization 1. Family: follow parents, if split used to be boys follow dad and girls follow mom, now moms in work force and 2. Age: difference on views, same sex marriages, 2. School/Education: attitudes, public education to jeffersonian idea, democracy works when people educated and aware, promote civicness, government is all good…, don’t get into full story behind people only good parts. Strongest in elementary and middle school. 3. Religion: individualistic, abortion (started from anitwar from vietnam), 4. Mass Media: president, preselecting adudience and questions and some won’t cover because, TV shows, define bad guys, timing of info let out (good on Monday and keeps going or later in week when new stories come out Monday), first televised war was Vietnam. Choose what talk about and how they say it, emphasize different aspects. Affect issue agenda or what think about at the time. D.
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POLS Test 3 Notes word - Linking citizens to the Govt. A....

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