socsg4 - Study Guide Sociology Exam # 4 Chapters 8 & 9...

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Study Guide – Sociology – Exam # 4 1. Know about race in relation to social standing. Race depends on an assumption of biological distinction. All that matters is skin color and other physical attributes 2. Know about ethnicity, and what characteristics have to be present to be classified as a minority. Has no basis on empirical fact. Ethnicity depends upon an assumption of cultural distinction. You can belong to any race and have a Swedish ethnicity. Differential power Identifiability Ascribed status Solidarity and group awareness 3. What constitutes a majority group? Majority groups are often constructed in the US not as much through race but skin color. Assimilation-occurs when two groups come into contact with each other and the minority group abandons its culture to embrace dominant culture. Stereotyping- generalizations about group that are over-simplified and exaggerated, and fail to acknowledge individual differences in the group. Prejudice- is a set of beliefs and attitudes that cause negatively “prejudge” people based on their social locations Overt racism- in speech-refusal to associate with members of a particular group Subtle racism-a set of mental categories that we possess about the other people based on stereotypes Segregation- physical separation 5. What is institutional discrimination? Institutional discrimination- most subtle and pervasive type of discrimination, deeply
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socsg4 - Study Guide Sociology Exam # 4 Chapters 8 & 9...

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