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Interview tips

Interview tips - Interviewing Tips This guide is intended...

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Interviewing Tips This guide is intended to provide guidelines on how to interview effectively. This is only a Quick Reference Card for appropriate behavioral interviewing behaviors. Please refer to the full instructional guidelines for greater detail surrounding the individual steps. What is a Behavioral Interview Your opportunity to tell the Hiring Authority and interview team about yourself and your qualifications Will likely be conducted over the phone or video conference, but may be conducted in person The interview is behaviorally-based meaning that interviewers are looking for how you handled yourself in very specific situations Responses should be provided in a specific format: Situation, Task, Action, Result Prior to the Interview Do your research o Make sure you are familiar with the position you are applying for: understand the location, function, roles, leadership, etc.
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  • Spring '07
  • Jamie
  • Semi-structured interview, Documentary film techniques, interviewer, Quick Reference Card, behavioral interviewing behaviors

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