american lit midterm

american lit midterm - Exploration/Beginnings of Slavery in...

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later 1400s, all 1500s (15 th and 16 th centuries) John Smith – A Description of New England Designed to entice Europeans to come and settle. Bartolome de las Casas – Relation of Devastation of the Indies Witnesses the torture of natives by Europeans. Directed politically to change policy, but distance from monarch causes settlers to violate royal policy, abuse natives. All slavery is bad Christopher Columbus – Letter to Luis de Santangel, Letter to Ferdinand & Isabella Regarding the 4 th Voyage Early themes of American lit: lush greenery of the land, violence of European incursion, discovering new islands and rebellion of the Taino Indians Colonization – 1600s William Bradford – Of Plymouth Plantation First governor, writes history of the journey from England to Leyden, Holland; to New World (Plymouth). First signs of reliance on the Bible for justify actions. Sailor is cruel to them, struck dead; difficulties of colonization; killing of scores of Indians; account of Thomas Morton negatively. Pilgrims Thomas Morton – New English Canaan Head of Mare-mount (Merrymount), gives guns to the Indians in exchange for furs, cavorts with Natives around May Pole, captured and sent to England many times, ends in defeat; writes of the experience with Pilgrims with classical allusions. Considered scandalous and Bradford more likely to be believed. Non Pilgrim settler (trader) John Winthrop – A Model of Christian Charity We must love and care for each other; sermon form is jeremiad (long recitation of lengthy complaint). Anticipates Marxism to a certain extent, yet maintains class system. Proclaims the Colony is a “City on a Hill”—an example of an ideal society for the world to see and follow. Puritan – Massachusetts Bay Colony
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american lit midterm - Exploration/Beginnings of Slavery in...

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