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Jones 1 Caleb Jones Professor Hopkins PY 201 8 November 2009 Birmingham Civil Rights Institute The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute provided a very educational trip. I did not expect such great detail in such an astonishing presentation. The museum was full of interesting artifacts along with a great amount of detailed information. I found the trip to be surprisingly educational. I enjoyed the historical artifacts that were displayed throughout the museum. There was a wooden cross and a KKK robe in one display. The cross was actually burnt outside of a house in Huntsville by the local KKK. It was the house of a white woman who was married to a black man, and the cross was collected by the FBI as evidence and later donated to the museum. There was also a greyhound bus that was actually bombed during the civil rights movement. There was also a nightstick that was actually used by one of the state troopers that participated in the beat- ing of protestors and throwing of tear gas at them. Many of the things and ideas in the museum can be connected to concepts and informa-
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Birmingham Civil Rights institute - Jones 1 Caleb Jones...

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