Violating a Social Norm - Caleb Jones Mrs. Hopkins...

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Caleb Jones Mrs. Hopkins Psychology 201 18 October 2009 Violating a Social Norm I chose to violate a social norm by going out in public as a cross-dresser. While it may be common in some bars or clubs I went to Wal Mart, where is not a commonplace event to see a man dressed as a woman. This trip turned out to be very interesting but it was also fun to see the different ways people reacted. I chose to go to the store around lunch time when it would be the busiest. I got some interesting reactions throughout the time I was in the store; however the majority of the reactions were typical “see something unusual” type reactions. These people walked by and had to take three or four extra looks, trying to disguise their curi- osity, while some just stared with their mouths open. I felt many of the people just wrote me off as a strange guy and went on with their business. My favorite reactions were the people that actually came up and talked to me. I had a few people ask “how much an hour?” I assume they were implying I was a transvestite prostitute. One older woman asked “Aren’t you too young to be in that kinda business?” My favorite reaction of the
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Violating a Social Norm - Caleb Jones Mrs. Hopkins...

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