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Media Analysis - Jones 1 Caleb Jones Mrs Temple English 101...

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Jones 1 Caleb Jones Mrs. Temple English 101 8 September 2009 Exploitation through Advertisement: An in-depth look at the use of addiction and sex in alcohol advertisements. “The media does not affect me.” Many people are not aware of the unsuspecting grip the media can obtain on our minds if we buy into this mindset. Today’s media benefits from people who are part of this denial. It is much easier to persuade people to consume a product with false perceptions if they have given no former thoughts to the cause and effect of this consumption. In reality today’s media shapes and reflects our lives. A major danger to our society is advertisers’ portrayal of alcohol. These advertisers con- duct major research in order to understand humans and their emotions. They use common desires and emotions and portray alcohol as an inhibitor for these emotions. The advertisers understand how to invade our lives to gain access to our wallets. Alcohol advertisements exploit human de- sires and emotions such as sex, addiction, and connection in order to more effectively sell their product. An old Guinness commercial displays advertisers’ ability to place their own thoughts in the heads of unsuspecting people. Imagine the following scenes: upbeat music begins to play. A man is in the shower with a bottle of Guinness beer in his hands. He removes the cap with a bottle opener and pours the beer over his head allowing the liquid to slowly fall over his eyes and
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Jones 2 down the rest of his face. The man continues to rub the beer in his hair until the commercial cuts to a scene at the bathroom sink. You see the man crack open another beer bottle, with a bottle opener, over the sink. He then pours beer on his tooth brush and proceeds to brush his teeth. The scene then cuts to a washing machine. The guy opens the bottle again and measures beer in the top of a laundry detergent bottle. The final scene reveals the guy through the windshield of a car. He empties a bottle of beer over the windshield as he washes it with a rag. He looks up and the camera reveals a woman pouring beer over flowers in the garden. Their eyes meet and they both smile.
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