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My Favorite Hobby Company [Student Name], Manager Columbia, SC Customer Product Current PrUnits SoldTotal Sale Amount ofDiscountedSales Tax Amount Due Outback Dremel Del 109.99 5 North ArcticHobbyPro A 59.99 25 Harry's HobDremel Del 63.95 5 Julies's JubX-Acto Knif 15.95 20 Jerry's WooDremel Mu 169.99 45 BeaurigardDremel Del 63.95 15 Sports AttitX-Acto Knif 15.95 50 Discount Th 1,000.00 Number of Customers: Discount P 15% Highest Current Price: Sales Tax: 6.5% Fewest Units Sold: Average Discount: Total Amount Due: Complete the remainder of this spreadsheet with formulas and functions. > Total Sale = Current Price x Units Sold > Amount of Discount must be solved using the IF function to determine a customer's discount by (1) determining if the Total Sale is greater than or equal to the Discount Threshhold. (2) If it is, the Total Sale amount is multiplied by Discount Percentage and put into the cell. (3) If it is
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Unformatted text preview: not, the number zero is put into the cell. > Discounted Amount = Total Sale - Amount of Discount > Sales Tax = Discounted Amount x Sales Tax percentage > Amount Due = Discounted Amount + Sales Tax > Number of Customers can be determined using the function COUNTA on the range of Customer names in column A. > Highest Current Price must be calculated by using the MAX function on the range of Current Prices. > Fewest Units Sold requires the MIN function be applied to the range of units sold. > Average Discount is the AVERAGE (function) of the range of discounts. > Total Amount Due should be calculated by using the SUM function on the range of Amounts Due....
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