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MGSC 487 Negotiation (Non-Graded) Assignment - The following is the assignment of roles for the different teams Teams with Seller Roles Teams with Buyer Roles Team 1 Team 10 Team 2 Team 9 Team 3 Team 8 Team 4 Team 7 Team 5 Team 6 - Each team will be provided a document which represents information for the seller role or buyer role (based on the assignments above) - It is important that you do not divulge any information from your document to members of the opposing team - There are five pairs of negotiating teams, i.e, Team 1 negotiates with Team 10; Team 2 negotiates with Team 9; Team 3 negotiates with Team 8; and Team 4 negotiates with Team 7; and Team 5 negotiates with Team 6. - Each pair of negotiating teams will have to write up a formal contract and have one representative from each team sign the formal contract before turning it in. For example, Team 1 will sign as a Seller and Team 10 as a Buyer. - In addition to the formal contract write-up, teams which had the buyer’s role will
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Unformatted text preview: submit a written response to Questions 1 to 4 on their document and teams which had the sellers role will submit a written response to Questions 1 to 3 on their document -Use the class period of Wednesday Sept 29 to plan for the negotiation (roughly 25 to 30 minutes planning) and to conduct the negotiation with your opponent team (roughly 50-75 minutes negotiation). We will use part of the Monday October 4 class for completing the negotiation.-The due date for the Negotiation Contract Write-up is Monday, October 11, 2010. Please email your write-up to Mariana Nicolae (our GA). Remember, in addition to your response to the assigned questions, you should also work with your opponent team to hammer out the details of the contract, agree to the contract, sign it (electronic signature is fine) and email it or hand in a copy to me with your team # and the opponent team # prominently written on the first page of the contract....
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