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Review Sheet: Text Concepts Exam #4 Chapters 13-15 Chapter 13 Define promotion, personal selling, advertising, publicity, sales promotion Exhibit 13-2 (p. 325) Integrated marketing communications (pp. 326) AIDA model (p. 329), Exhibit 13-3 Exhibit 13-4 Direct response (pp. 331-333) CRM (p. 332); Push vs. pull (pp. 336-338) Adoption process (pp. 339-342); Primary, secondary demand (pp. 342-343) Task method (p. 344) Chapter 14 Missionary salespeople (p. 355) “Customer service promotes ….” (pp. 357-358) Exhibit 14-2 “Information Technology…” (pp. 363-364)
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Unformatted text preview: Exhibit 14-4 Ethical issues (pp. 372) Chapter 15 Exhibit 15.2 Define: institutional advertising (p. 383); pioneering advertising (p. 383); advertising allowances (p. 385); cooperative advertising (p. 385) “Choosing the ‘Best’ medium…” (pp. 385-388) Exhibit 15-5 “Advertising on the Internet…” (pp. 388-392) “Measuring Advertising Effectiveness….” (pp. 396-397) Define: corrective advertising (p. 397) “Problems in Managing Sales Promotions” (pp. 400-401)...
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