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Review Sheet: Text Concepts Exam #2 Chapters 6-9 Chapter 6 Define purchasing specifications (p. 143) Multiple buying influences, buying center (pp. 144-145) Three kinds of buying processes (pp. 148-149) Just-in-time delivery (p. 154) Outsourcing (p. 155) NAICS (p. 156-157) “Technology Shaping….” (pp. 154-158) Types of customers – manufacturers, producers of services, retailers and wholesalers, government market Influences on a decision (pp. 143-147) Chapter 7 Define marketing information systems (MIS) (p. 166) Changes in MIS (pp. 167-171) Define hypotheses (p. 171) Five-step approach to marketing research Importance of “defining the problem” Define “secondary and primary data” (p. 173) Exhibit 7-4 Qualitative research (p. 176); focus groups (p. 176); quantitative research (p. 178) Surveys can come in many forms (pp. 178-179) Consumer panels (p. 181)
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Unformatted text preview: Experimental method (p. 181) Define population (p. 184), sample (p. 184), validity (p. 185) International marketing research (pp. 186-187) Chapter 8 Exhibit 8-1 Define product, quality (p. 193) Differences in goods and services (p. 195-196) Derived demand (p. 211) Convenience, shopping, specialty products defined/with examples Branding (pp. 197-200) Brand equity (p. 200) What kind of brand to use? (p. 201-202) Who should do the branding? (pp. 202-203) Magnuson-Moss Act (1975) (p. 207) Lanham Act (1946) (p. 200) Chapter 9 Product life cycle (pp. 221-223) Product life cycles vary in length (pp. 224-226) Exhibit 9-3 Federal trade commission (p. 231) Ethical issues (p. 231) Exhibit 9-4 New product development process (pp. 231-237) Exhibit 9-6 TQM (p. 239) Pareto charts (p. 241)...
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