Peculiar Institution Outline

Peculiar Institution Outline - Since most white southerners...

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The “Peculiar Institution” What was the status of slavery at the time of the Revolution? Why, how and when did slavery expand after ratification of the Constitution? What was the relationship between slavery and the law? How did slavery shape the social structure of the Old South? Explain the demography of the slaveholding South? Hierarchy of slaveholders Slaveholding v. non-slaveholding Distribution of slaveholding across the South
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Unformatted text preview: Since most white southerners didn’t own slaves, why was slavery so central to the entire culture? What made slavery an oppressive institution? How did slaves cope with this oppressive institution? How did slaves resist this oppressive institution? Spectrum of resistance Role of revolts and rebellion Nat Turner’s Rebellion Who was Turner? What resulted from Turner’s Rebellion?...
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