Securing the Republic II

Securing the Republic II - What policies did the...

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Securing the Republic—Part II When, why, and how did power shift from one party to the other? When the Federalists lost the 1800 election, what did they do to try and retain influence in the federal government? What did the Republicans do (about the Federalists’ power play) when they came to power in 1801? How did the Supreme Court, with John Marshall’s leadership, establish the principle of judicial review? Who was Thomas Jefferson? Once in power, how did Jefferson and the Republicans want to change the role of the federal government?
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Unformatted text preview: What policies did the Republicans pursue when they controlled the federal government? How and why did the US expand its territory during Jeffersons Administration? Why was this expansion an ironic decision for Jefferson? What was the dominant foreign policy issue during Jeffersons presidency? How had Jefferson attempted to deal with it? Who became president after Jefferson? After the disaster of the Embargo Act what happened during Madisons presidency to deal with the same problems?...
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Securing the Republic II - What policies did the...

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