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Slavery in the New World-3

Slavery in the New World-3 - • Rice-based plantation...

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Origins & Context of North American Slavery Explain the demography of slavery in North America in the context of slavery in the Western Hemisphere. How did the triangular trades involve all North American colonies in slavery? What made the Middle Passage particularly horrific? Notice Olaudah Equiano experiences. Compare and Contrast the three distinct slave systems that developed in the British mainlined colonies. Tobacco-based plantation slavery in the Chesapeake
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Unformatted text preview: • Rice-based plantation slavery in SC and Georgia • Nonplantation slavery in New England and the Middle colonies Who were the enslaved in British North America? How did distinct African American cultures begin to develop in the 18 th century? What can we learn about freedom from the experiences of the enslaved? Terms to know Triangular trade Gullah Middle Passage Stono Rebellion Olaudah Equiano Three distinct slave systems...
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