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Final Exam Study Question - Spring I 2009 HIST E111.801...

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Spring I 2009                   HIST E111.801   Dr. Janet G. Hudson United States History To 1865 M/W 5:30-8:15 Final Exam Study Question Be sure to use your outlines, class notes, and assigned readings when preparing for this test. I would encourage you to study with others. This is a comprehensive final exam question. You should devote at least 80-90 minutes of your exam period to answering this question. Be sure you answer the question completely , specifically , and avoid vague generalizations. Completely means all aspects of the question and an understanding of the issues’ complexity. Specifically means provide specific evidence to support generalizations. You must answer the question and not simply list information. Your grade will be determined by the thoroughness and accuracy of your answer. The essay is 60% of the final exam grade. The remaining 40% of the test will be objective and will come from material covered since the midterm. During Spring Break you stumble across two friends who are very confused about the long-term causes of the American Civil War . Quickly you realize both friends are expressing popular misunderstandings about the war’s causes. One friend argues that defending the institution of slavery had nothing to do with the war since, she insists, “The South left the Union to defend states’ rights.” The second friend insists that “northern moral outrage over slavery caused the Civil War.” When they learn that you have special
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Final Exam Study Question - Spring I 2009 HIST E111.801...

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