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Midterm study guide E111 - Spring I 2009 HIST E111 United...

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Spring I 2009 HIST E111 Dr. Janet G. Hudson United States History To 1865 M/W 5:30-8:15 Study Guide Midterm Be sure to use your outlines, class notes, and assigned readings when preparing for this test. I would encourage you to study with others. Each possible essay below includes a very broad question about the material covered for the test. Answer the question completely , specifically , and avoid vague generalizations. Completely means all aspects of the question and an understanding of the issues’ complexity. Notice key words and dates in the questions and cover the entire period. Specifically means provide specific evidence to support generalizations. Your grade will be determined by the thoroughness and accuracy of your answer. See the rubric below for specifics on grading the essay. Two of these questions will appear on the test and you will choose one of them. The other questions will help you in your preparation for the objective portion of the test. Information from chapters 1-2 of Celia will be included in the objective. 1. Assess the validity of this statement: “The early decades in United States history from 1783 to 1815 was a period of economic and political stability.” 2. Identify and analyze how slavery shaped British colonial development and the formation of the early United States through 1820. 3. Assess the validity of this statement in light of US history between 1788 and 1824: “Political parties create division among people who otherwise have shared interests.” 4. Compare and contrast
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Midterm study guide E111 - Spring I 2009 HIST E111 United...

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