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Huge tower like cu visualizing physical geography some

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Unformatted text preview: nks out of clouds causing them to be pushed down. Some unusual clouds: Visualizing Physical Geography Mammatus form during unstable conditions downdrafts in the clouds Often pre-cursor to tornado activity Fog Fog is a cloud that forms at or very near the ground. Two reasons why fog forms: The air has been cooled to less than the dew point temperature. Two different air masses have mixed together such that the resulting air mass is saturated. Visualizing Physical Geography Fog types Advection Fog Horizontal transport of air Warm air over cold surface Common over oceans Visualizing Physical Geography Radiation Fog surface. Fog produced by the radiational cooling. Clear skies and cooling of the ground chills the layers just near the Visualizing Physical Geography Upslope Fog Form when air moving in hilly or mountainous terrain cools to condensation Visualizing Physical Geography Foggiest place in U.S. Libby Islands (coast of Maine) California cold California current hugs the coast and air moving...
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