Moist air 2 condensation nuclei for which water vapor

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Unformatted text preview: ipitation) form Convectional precipitation Uplift due to intense surface heating Orographic precipitation Forced lifting along topographic barriers (mountains) Convergence of surface air. Air currents converge from different locations and air piles up and forced upward. Frontal precipitation Forced lifting along weather fronts uplift due to meeting of cold and warm air masses Clouds Cloud Families: High clouds, middle clouds, low clouds, clouds of vertical development Visualizing Physical Geography Four Families of clouds arranged by height low, middle, high, vertical clouds Stratus "layer" Cumulus "pile" Cirrus "hair" Visualizing Physical Geography Stratus (St) gray cloud layer with uniform base, covers entire sky...drizzle Stratocumulus (Sc) low lumpy clouds, has dark spots. Visible blue sky between individual cloud element Nimbostratus (Ns) gray wet looking layers with continuing falling rain or snow (Sc) Low Clouds Stratus (St) gray cloud layer with uniform base, (St) (Ns) Visualizing Physical Geography Mid...
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