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Humid Continental Hot - Dwa winters are drier Humid...

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Humid Continental Hot-Summer Climates Humid Continental Mild-Summer Climates Subarctic Climates Microthermal Climates Mean temperature of coolest month is below 26.6F (-3C) Humid Continental Hot-Summer Dfa, Dwa -Controls Cyclonic storms along polar front Prevailing westerlies continentality -Climate Characteristics: hot summers cold winters large annual temperature range year round precipitation Geographic Distribution: (examples) Middle latitudes – 35-45 degrees. Eastern and Midwestern states in U.S. Poleward of C climates East central Europe Approximate 140-200 day growing season
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Unformatted text preview: Dwa winters are drier Humid Continental Mild-Summer – Dfb, Dwb Humid Continental – Mild Summer Climates -Controls Cyclonic storms along polar front Prevailing westerlies continentality-Climate Characteristics: Brutally cold winters, Not so hot summers—more moderate Long winters with frequent clear and cold weather Large annual temperature range Less total precipitation than areas south-Geographic Distribution: (examples) Locations in the mid-latitudes (45-55 degrees) Canada, Siberia, New England, Great Lakes region growing season-= 90-130 days...
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