major.controls - : Hot. Wet summers, dry winters - coolest...

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Af - wet all year Major controls: Year round high insolation ITCZ – low pressure Dominated by mT air masses Climate characteristics : Hot/wet all year Seasonless – low annual temperature range (of only 3C (5F). Af Geographic Distribution: World: along the equator – for example, South America – Brazil West Coast Africa, Philippines Features: World’s Tropical Rainforests – Amazon, Congo Am – Monsoon - wet/dry climate – coolest month above 64.4F Major controls: ITCZ – low pressure Climate characteristics : Hot. Has a wet season and a distinct dry season. Seasonal rain – At least one month with less than 2.4 inches of precip. High precip in summer Seasonless Am - monsoon Geographic Distribution: World: edges of Af Climate - South America- Amazon West Africa - Congo Features: Forest Vegetation but fewer species compared to Af Aw Major controls: Continued distance from the ITCZ and seasonal shift of the sun. ITCZ and STHP Climate characteristics
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Unformatted text preview: : Hot. Wet summers, dry winters - coolest month above 64.4F Total precipitation 30-60 inches. Rain fluctuates from year to year. Aw Geographic Distribution: World: Edges of Am climate. Central America, India, Africa. Near the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn. In the U.S.Key West Features: More grasses-scattered and tall grassland. Less jungle. It is not wet enough to support closeness of trees. B Climate - Dry Dominated by STHP Usually found between 20-35 N & S latitude Irregular and unreliable rainfall Highest percentage of sunshine of any climate BW Climate BWh, BWk dry arid - desert BS Climate BSh, BSk dry semiarid - steppe Dry Climates (B) Little to no precipitation most of the year Worlds greatest desertslie primarily on the west coasts of continents Sahara Atacama Sonoran...
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major.controls - : Hot. Wet summers, dry winters - coolest...

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