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Study Guide for Exam 3 – Physical Geography Chapter 6 Air Masses (general info and location) Have an understanding of thunderstorm/cloud uplift/development 4 primary ways clouds form Fronts: cold, warm, occluded, stationary What are the three types of cyclones and be able to describe their characteristics. Midlatitude cyclone and theory. Who proposed the polar front theory? What is the life cycle of the midlatitude cyclone (cyclogenesis) (general information) What is cyclogenesis? There will be general questions from the film and lecture on the Storm of the Century that occurred in 1993. Tropical Cyclone (They are called different names around the globe but are the same storm --hurricane, typhoon, and cyclone.) How do tropical cyclones derive their energy and what causes them to dissipate? Know stages of tropical cyclone development. (Tropical disturbance, tropical depression, tropical storm, etc) What is the Saffir Simpson Scale? What is storm surge?
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