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Trade Winds (5o-25o) – blow out of the subtropical highs toward equatorial low in N + S hemispheres. Northeast trades Southeast trades Tropical easterlies The Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) The tradewinds from tropics of both hemispheres converge on the equatorial region. Equatorial low ITCZ – Area where the trade winds from the north and south of the equator merge. An Area of strong convergence: rising air Contains large amounts of moisture, cloud cover, and frequent precipitation. ITCZ is sometimes called the doldrums. Subtropical Highs – 25-35 N+S Air sinks – calm winds, sunny, dry, rainless especially along west coasts Westerlies – 35 -65 N+S Winds flow poleward out of subtropical highs are deflected to the right and blow from the SW in the northern hemisphere. Associated with
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Unformatted text preview: stormy weather Polar Winds – cold air out of polar regions meets warmer air from westerlies. Polar Front Relatively warm air (westerlies) meets cold air (polar) Subpolar low zone Seasonal Changes in Global Pattern The ITCZ, subtropical highs, and trade winds all follow the “migrating sun” . Latitudinal Migration with the Seasons Earth’s winds migrate with the seasons Longitudinal Migration with the Seasons Earth’s winds migrate with the seasons The Upper Troposphere (cont) Polar jet stream - narrow band of strong winds above the polar front near the tropopause. West to east direction within the westerlies In the Northern Hemisphere, it forms along a boundary where colder air lies to the north and warmer air to the south Subtropical jet stream – further south...
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