What is the difference between climate and weather

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What is the difference between climate and weather? Weather---is the daily conditions at a particular location. Climate ---is the average weather (temperature and precipitation) over a region. (30 year average). Controls of Climate Radiation –primary driving force for weather – the flow of solar energy received by the Earth and atmosphere. Rotation – energy flow varies on daily cycles (also on annual cycles – revolution). It imposes these cycles on temperature and precipitation. Topography Nature of underlying surface - Surface cover creates microclimates and is a response in which incoming solar energy is disposed of at the surface and the way it modifies air flow. Land/water distribution Others to consider:
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Unformatted text preview: What determines temperature? 1. Latitude Variation in insolation Temperature 2. Locationmaritime or continentalmoderates that variation Offshore ocean currents influences the temperature Climate Classification Temperature Patterns Latitude: temperatures drop from equator to poles Location: continental interiors have greater range in temperature than coastal regions Elevation: temperatures drop with elevation Climate Classification Climograph : graph on which two or more climate variables are plotted for each month of the year A climograph shows annual cycles of monthly mean (average) air temperature and monthly mean (average) precipitation for a location...
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