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i. DECLINE OF RACIAL MEANING 1. PLESSY V. FERGUSON (1895) ii. RISE OF ECONOMIC MEANING 1. LOCHNER V. NY (1905) b. SEPARATE BUT EQUAL i. VIOLENCE 1. RACE RIOTS Chicago Race Riot 1919 2. LYNCHING Many were educated church-going engaged in acts of vilence. white see this as justice for the crimes committed by blacks. In South, some black fought against this. ii. LAWS II. POPULISM last reaction
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Unformatted text preview: a. SHARECROPPING semi-slavery b. FARMERS’ ALLIANCES Southern Alliance 1879 i. GRANGERS ii. THREE ALLIANCES 1. EDUCATION Agricultural universities. Scientific research.development in technology. 2. SUBTREASURY Inflation so that their debt decreases 3. COOPERATIVES Abolition of land,transportation, finance monopolies. Successful creation of farmers’ corporatives....
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