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GILDED AGE AMERICA - RISE OF INDUSTRIAL AMERICA 1870-1890 I. THE PERFECT STORM – CONTEXT II. INDUSTRIAL NETWORKING OF AMERICA a. RAILROADS Refrigerated railroad cars keep food from spoiling. Retail stores completely relied on railroads. b. INFORMATION NETWORK Magazines. Telegrah system. Mail services (1 st overnight service) much faster society. Foster national culture. Investors pay lots of money for information. Farmers needed to know about the weather. People wanted to know what was going on in the rest of the world. Middle class people even used telegraph to flirt. Restless. Vibrant. Whole new urban life and culture. III. a. PUBLIC WORKS Cities built. NYC became the financial center. Creation of arks .bridge. a sense of modernity.Brooklyn Bridge 1883 longest bridge at that time. b. HIGH CULTURE Symphony.museums etc c. COMMERCIAL POPULAR CULTURE Middle class mimicking high class culture develop their own. 1910 dance halls. Amusement park. Social between men and women.
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Rise+of+Industrial+America+Outline - GILDED AGE AMERICA -...

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