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Alicia Deal 10-3-06 CJ 771 Critical Paper #4 In qualitative research, interviewing is a very important tool in which to gather data. This technique is crucial in soliciting information about a subject's mental and/or emotional state that cannot be similarly or adequately gathered through survey techniques. Therefore, in order to conduct research on the emotional response of historical and present-day oppressive treatment on the outcome of Native American criminal and deviant behavior (my possible dissertation topic), an interview would need to be conducted. The interview would be semi-structured; there are basic questions that need to be asked, such as how they feel about the treatment their ancestors received, any engagement in criminal/deviant activity, and how the actions of the past affect their lives’ today, etc. Yet, since the questions ask about the person’s life history, the researcher may need to ask probing questions to obtain more in-depth information or to clarify their statements (Berg, 2007). Again, since life histories are pertinent to the research, restrictions on length are not necessary; however, the interview questions do need to stay on point and not deviate to far from the research purpose. Nonetheless, restrictions on the length of the interview are not necessary due to the purpose of the study (Dohrenwend & Richardson, 1956-7; There are several obstacles in conducting this type of research. First, this population, due to the ill- treatment they have received historically by the research community and society at large, are reluctant to get involved in research. Also, Native Americans have very different perceptions, values, and views than
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critical paper 4 - Alicia Deal CJ 771 Critical Paper#4 In...

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