critical paper 6 - Alicia Deal 11-28-06 CJ 771 Critical...

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Alicia Deal CJ 771 11-28-06 Critical Paper 6 Critical Paper 6 In Johnson & Clarke's (2003) study, they interviewed researchers in the medical/health field to assess how conducting qualitative research impacted the researcher. They found several themes including concerns about confidentiality, role conflict, inexperience and lack of training, impact of the interview on participates, and isolation for the researcher. Again, the focus is on the medical/health profession; therefore, the difficulties that these researchers experienced may not be applicable or limited to CJ researchers or social sciences in general. Or they may experience these same difficulties yet the degree and level of which CJ professionals experience them may vary. Hence, it is important to identify other difficulties that researchers may experience, its impact on them, and ways to remedy or lessen the affect of these difficulties arising in qualitative research. Similar to the researchers interviewed by Johnson & Clarke, a common problem for many qualitative researchers is inexperience and lack of training (i.e. Hopper & Moore, 1990). The obvious means of remedying this is to offer greater training both during their formative years as a student and as a professional in the field and to provide more opportunities for CJ researchers to conduct qualitative studies. As noted by Johnson & Clarke (2003), the CJ field also need to seek ways to confront contact anxiety, dealing with participate resistance, and working in “uncharted territory.” Another important consequence of conducting research in the CJ field is the potential for physical harm onto the researcher (i.e. Williams, et. al., 1992). While studying criminal/deviant
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critical paper 6 - Alicia Deal 11-28-06 CJ 771 Critical...

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