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ethical issues - Alicia Deal CJ 771 09-26-06 class exercise...

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Alicia Deal 09-26-06 CJ 771 class exercise Ethical Dilemmas Case 1: The Case of “Just Delete That Data” 1.) How would you handle this? I would definitely not delete any of the data provided to me regarding this research. It is not fault that this director/teacher is out of touch with reality concerning his friend, but the consensus shows that the man just isn't fit for the job. I would calmly, yet firmly inform the director that I cannot alter the data and even more, it is unlikely that funding would be withheld solely because of one teacher. In all likelihood, they (whoever provides the funding) would simply suggest that that one teacher should find work elsewhere. 2.) What is the role of the researcher in this case? The role of the researcher is simply that of a researcher. Nothing more, nothing less. I did nothing wrong in regards to data collection; I even conducted a members check in order to better validate the data. Therefore, I cannot be held responsible for the conditions of this present circumstance. 3.) What ethical issues are raised in this case? The researcher is being asked to skew the data and play favoritism. 4.) What would you change, if anything, in this situation? I would change nothing because I didn't do anything unethical or wrong in the data collection.
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ethical issues - Alicia Deal CJ 771 09-26-06 class exercise...

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