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Alicia Deal 08-29-06 CJ 771 Critical Paper #1 In Basics of Qualitative Research , Strauss and Corbin argue that theory must emerge rather than be the product of “preconceived concepts, a guiding theoretical framework, or a well thought out design.” Idealistically, I contend that theory should be a product of what the research has discovered without boundaries. Retaining preconceived concepts, frameworks, and designs can hinder the credibility of the research and disable its applicability to the criminal justice field, as well as other distinct, yet related disciplines, including sociology, psychology, political science, and education. Testing the resultant concepts of a theory should be through qualitative research, of which it should precede the use of quantitative research, if it is deemed necessary to continue with this form of analysis, so that the research is “most parsimonious and advantageous.” Yet, is this method of examination entirely applicable to, or even realistically possible within the field of social sciences? Many researches are funded by universities, government agencies, and other institutes; these entities
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qual#1.doc - Alicia Deal CJ 771 08-29-06 Critical Paper #1...

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