CS #3 - Alicia Deal CJ 532 10-20-04 Cybersource #3 DJ...

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Alicia Deal CJ 532 10-20-04 Cybersource #3 DJ Connolly. Judicial Activism Causes Crime . Excerpt from The Temple of Karnak: How Rogue Judges Have Been Strangling Your Democracy http://ttokarnak.home.att.net/Crime.html James Redford. Government Causes the Crime . Http://www.anti-state.com/redford/redford1.html http://www.anti-state.com/redford/redford2.html These articles are very different from the causal theories included in Scarpetti and Neilson; they detail a different kind of perspective that is sociological, and more specifically, political. It can be argued that these authors support an oppressive orientation of crime as detailed by Kraska. These authors do not accept biological explanations for crime; rather they believe that the environment, in this case, the government and courts, nurtures crime by “favoring” criminals over law-abiding citizens. These authors would probably also agree with Tonry who suggested that public policy defines crime. Let it be noted that I do not agree with these arguments; I believe that these theories of crime divert responsibility away from the individual by blaming an entire institution. It follows along with that “they made me do it” mentality where eventually no one is held responsible for their actions and justice for the victim is not served. However, they do give yield insight into contemporary and unconventional theories of crime that highlight the great influence of the government and court jurisprudence. Connolly argues that the Supreme Court, especially during the 1960s and 1970s is “partly to blame” for an increase of crime because it “started manufacturing fraudulent constitutional rights for criminals.” He even goes as far as to blame these “lawless judges”
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CS #3 - Alicia Deal CJ 532 10-20-04 Cybersource #3 DJ...

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