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Alicia Deal CJ 532 09-16-04 Cybersource #1 1.1) As you think about “criminal criminology,” which of the perspectives discussed by Kraska would be most likely to welcome insights gained from this perspective and why? Cultural criminology seems to be unique from the other perspectives; however; I think that the social constructionist perspective is more compatible with cultural criminology because of its emphasis on the role of culture in the context of crime. Social constructionist perspective defines crime as “a social construct” by which the definition of crime “varies across social space,” includes “cultural and institutional variations.” Hayward and Young state that cultural criminology defines crime as “an act of rule- breaking” that “involves an attitude to rules, an assessment of their justness and appropriateness, and a motivation to break them whether by outright transgression or by neutralization;” “it is through rule-breaking that subcultural problems attempt solution.” Both perspectives also emphasis the important role that media plays in shaping our views of crime and criminology. The social constructionist perspective is founded on the interpretive school of thought which “assumes that humans, by actively interpreting the world around them, create systems of meaning.” This is somewhat similar to cultural criminology in that it seeks understand crime from a cultural standpoint. The oppression perspective, in my opinion, is also somewhat similar to cultural
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cybersource#1 - Alicia Deal CJ 532 09-16-04 Cybersource #1...

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