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Alicia Deal CJ 530 Cybersource 3 03-03-04 Aboriginal Peoples and the Criminal Justice System From the Canadian Criminal Justice Association (CCJA) URL: First, I must say that the chapter in Barlow and Barlow fueled my curiosity since I do have Native American ancestry. Yet, I was also shocked that this chapter would be contained in such a book considering the Native American culture has been greatly cheapened and devaluated to just serving as a ‘tourist attraction'. This article examines the role in which Aboriginal peoples have within the Canadian criminal justice system and the “historical legacy of assimilation” of the Aboriginals. Only recently have the problems faced by Aboriginals within the criminal justice system been adequately and justly addressed by the Canadian government. The experience encountered by the Aboriginals, or Indians, is very similar to that of the U.S. Indians. However, the history of its police force is very different. They all have had to face the reality of forced assimilation due the little power they had as they were becoming minorities in their own homeland. Just like the U.S., Canada has a capitalist system that differs markedly from the customs and culture of the Aboriginals in both countries. When the “European” culture descended upon the Aboriginals, it greatly transformed their way of life economically, politically, and socially and continues to do so. Other similarities between Canadian and U.S. Aboriginals in terms of treatment by the invading European cultures include the introduction of residential schools that take the Aboriginal children from their homes and prohibit the use of their native languages and the observance of their culture and
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cybersource 3 - Alicia Deal Cybersource 3 CJ 530 03-03-04...

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