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Alicia Deal 05-05-04 CJ 563 Typology Typology of Juvenile Delinquent Females Until recently, the phenomenon of female delinquency had been essentially neglected by the research community, largely due to the fact that females seldom engage in criminal behaviors, but also because many researchers were male which inhibited them from either understanding the concept of female delinquency or could not fathom the true importance of this phenomenon. With female delinquency and female adult crime on the “rise,” the negligence of studying this population has now been addressed. It is difficult to specifically characterize juveniles since they are all different. However, they can share some similarities. Male juveniles and female juveniles can share some similarities yet for the most part are very different due to societies' way of differentiating the female population from the male population. For some girls their criminal career may begin under an “innocent” pretense. They may not realize that their actions carry consequences and is deviant. Their “crimes” may start by simply swiping a candy bar from a store counter. They may not be punished appropriately and then begin to take bigger risks that escalate to even more serious crime. Some females are compelled to commit some crimes, such as shoplifting or vandalism, just for the “thrill” of committing the crime and subsequently “getting away with it.” For the most part they are unconcerned with the consequences of their actions. They are magically drawn to a stimulus, such as jewelry, and cannot “resist” taking it. These female delinquents can be classified as “thrill seekers.” The “nonserious” female offender is one who commits status offenses in an act of rebellion against their parents as the female is yearns for autonomy. Many times the reason for the girl's introduction into this defiant behavior is after she has sought asylum from oppressive conditions at home. Usually this occurs as the girl runs away from home in order to escape abuse, most notably sexual abuse. Due to her lack of resources, she turns to crime as a means of survival. The crime she is most likely to engage in is prostitution and/or petty 1
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theft to generate financial gain. She is also at potential risk for engaging in drug use and drug dealing. Some females are delinquent only in that they engage in drug activity and/or alcohol use. These females are classified as such. Most are likely to become drug users and addicts rather than drug dealers and runners. Some only use drugs and drink alcohol for recreational use and do not become addicts.
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typology - Alicia Deal CJ 563 Typology Typology of Juvenile...

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