CJ 592 exam 1 - Alicia Deal Exam 1 CJ 592 Short Answer 1...

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03-01-04 Exam 1 CJ 592 Short Answer 1.) According to Kuhn, how does science work? As the book states, Kuhn viewed scientific knowledge as achieving breakthroughs by revolutions fueled by the inability to explain anomalies by means of the existing scientific tradition. He explains how the evolution of new knowledge is often dependent upon new paradigms that may refute previous assumptions. Kuhn describes a paradigm as “some implicit body of intertwined theoretical and methodological belief that permits selection, evaluation, and criticism.” A new paradigm represents a new model or revolutionary schema with which to view reality. Furthermore, in the process of doing research on one topic, a discovery is made that addresses some different topic. Although I could be mistaken, I believe that this means is that scientists limit and suppress themselves and their research within a paradigm. Thus giving the disadvantage of not being able to “think outside the box.” Only through “revolutionary” scientists, such as Einstein who do not restrict themselves, can science evolve and progress. 2.) What do you think is the most important issue in sampling and why? I think that the most important issue is representation. Although the sample could be biased by chance—of which it is often very difficult to tell when it actually, it is important that the researcher selects a sample that, as closely as possible, resembles the population in which he/she is studying. This is as an attempt to decrease the level of error in the research. If the research sample is unrepresentative of the population in which it is attempting to study, then the research becomes unreliable and invalid. It is also important to obtain a sample size that is representative of the population to ensure the amount of sampling error is relatively small. Therefore, not contaminating the overall outcome of the research. 3.) What type of research do you prefer (and why), pure (basic)? Or applied? 1
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CJ 592 exam 1 - Alicia Deal Exam 1 CJ 592 Short Answer 1...

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