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THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN DEPT. OF ROMANCE LANGUAGES AND LITERATURES Spanish 231 Fall 2007 *** Please keep this syllabus and refer to it with questions about course policies and content. *** Please write in the following information: COORDINATOR INFORMATION INSTRUCTOR INFORMATION: S231 Coordinator: Ann Hilberry Instructor: _________________________ Office: 4026 MLB Tel #: 764-6502 Section: ________ Office Hours: TBA Office: _______________________ E-mail: [email protected] Tel #: __________________________ Hours: ____________________________ Email: COURSE OBJECTIVES Welcome to Spanish 231! The principal objectives of this course are: 1) to develop your understanding of and appreciation for Hispanic culture and 2) to function at a Intermediate Low- Mid proficiency level in all skill areas (speaking, writing, listening, reading, and culture) and 3) to develop communicative functions that will allow effective interaction and communication in Spanish. In other words, you will be functional in the target culture if you were to visit a Spanish speaking country or if you wished to use Spanish in your profession. SPEAKING: Perform with ease a variety of communicative tasks dealing with routine and day-to-day social situations in the areas of work, school, recreational activities, personal interests, travel, and relationships with different people. Express opinions and sustain a functional conversation related to social problems, politics, and cultural differences with hesitation and errors that normally would not impede comprehension. WRITING: Produce discourse level writing related to personal experiences and cultural issues with errors that minimally impede comprehension. READING: Understand a variety of authentic cultural and literary readings. LISTENING: Understand a variety of authentic listening texts including short descriptions, narrative texts, and lectures. LANGUAGE: Review and deepen your understanding of grammatical functions through contextualized and integrated language practice. CULTURE: Become aware of the culture and history of the Hispanic world. TEXTS: Required: Más allá de las palabras: Intermediate Spanish . Gallego and Godev. (Wiley,
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2004). Más allá de las palabras: Activities Manual . Boys. (Wiley, 2004) Bluebook for Journal Assignments Recommended: • English Grammar for Students of Spanish , Emily Spinelli (Olivia and Hill Press) A good bilingual Spanish-English dictionary The Más allá activities manual listening activities are distributed throughout the Temas and are labeled A escuchar or A escuchar más a fondo . To access these listening segments, you can use digital files available on the CTools site [https://ctools.umich.edu/portal] GRADES : In order to pass this course, students will be required to attain a minimum of a C-. The final grade will be calculated as follows: Class Participation 10% Assessment provided on each exam Homework and Quizzes 10% Activities manual, quizzes, additional assignments Writing Projects 20% Journals Exams 35% 4 unit exams Oral Exam 10% Final Exam 15% No make-ups unless there is an official conflict GRADING SCALE : 99 - 100 = A+ 88 - 89 = B+ 78 - 79 = C+ 68 - 69.5 = D+ 93 - 98 = A 83 - 87 = B 73 - 77 = C 63 - 67 = D 90 - 92 = A- 80 - 82 = B- 70 - 72 = C- 62 or below = E
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