reaction paper 2 - 1 Alicia Deal CJ 760 Reaction Paper#2-A...

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Alicia Deal CJ 760 Reaction Paper #2-A 1-26-06 1
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Based on your survey of Wikipedia, what do you think the average person will learn about crime and deviance? How much of it seems to be armchair philosophy? How much is from actual professionals? Is it educational? If so, how so? Is it dangerous? If so, how so? I examined “crime” and “deviant behavior.” The “crime” section had the most blatant errors and irrelevant information, as noted by several of those on the comments page. The sections on deviance also contained false or incomplete information but also had the most relevant information as compared with “crime.” The “deviant behavior” contents include: social foundations of deviance, functions of deviance, and types of deviance. It defined “deviance” as “behavior that is a recognized violation of social norms.” It also defined it as “acting upon certain discriminatory facts or problems;” and “it is not the act itself, but the reactions to the act, that make something deviant.” Basically, it implies that deviance is simply a label provided by the dominant society and its norms. However, some social scientists argue that some acts of deviance are “intrinsically” or “absolutely real” (Thio & Calhoun, 2004). An example of acts or behaviors that are “real” is mental illness. Individuals who suffer from a mental illness are viewed as deviant yet being labeled so, for the most part, does not cause them to become mentally ill. In order to be more accurate, the section of deviant behavior should include this view of deviance. It goes on to subtly imply (through the listing of several groups, i.e. punks and Goths as deviant) that
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reaction paper 2 - 1 Alicia Deal CJ 760 Reaction Paper#2-A...

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