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Alicia Deal, BP CJ 694 06-16-04 Midterm Paragraph III The young men and women who come from what, I suppose it will be agreed, is the intellectually impoverished background of the American High School, have not had years of cultural and intellectual experience and are not generally aware of continuous self-cultivation. These young people are less restless than methodical; less imaginative than patient; above all, they are dogmatic— in all meanings of the term. Some of this is merely part of the sorry intellectual condition of so many students now in American colleges and universities, but I do believe it is more evident among the research technicians of abstracted empiricism. (The Bureaucratic Ethos-Mills, p 105). The above statement was first commented by C. Wright Mills in 1959, long before the countless White House scandals, 9/11, and the War on Iraq. Yet, with the exception of maybe a few young people, this statement, as it regards more particularly the research community, still rings true today. However, it can be argued that the intellectual background of today's youth has grown even more “impoverished,” and, in some cases, almost nonexistent. The question is who or what is to blame for this. The U.S. is considered to have one of the worst education systems in the world. High school dropout rates continue to grow and scores on standardized tests continue to decrease. Classes are non- productive while teachers teach straight from the book. Yet, students are pressured to cheat only in order to receive a “good grade,” preferably an A; the exhilaration and jubilation of simply understanding a concept or idea, in other words, learning, is unsatisfactory and inadequate. Mills stated
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midterm cj 694 - Alicia Deal BP Paragraph III CJ 694...

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