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Alicia Deal Psy 431 12-09-03 Outline Extra Credit George Kelly Categorization of Kelly's Theory is not indoctrinated in any particular school of thought. however, can be classified in several ways was a phenomenologist: believed that intact conscious experience should be psychology's focus of attention; should not matter where such experiences originate. cognitive theory: any theory that focuses on the study of mental events. existential theory: any theory that focuses on the mature of or the problems related to, human existence. humanistic theory: any theory that assumes that humans are basically good and rational and their behavior is purposive. Basic Postulate—People as Scientists took the scientist as the model for describing all humans. believed that, like scientists, all humans are attempting to clarify their lives by reducing uncertainty and are interested in the future and use only the present only to test a theory's ability to anticipate events. personal construct (construct): the major tool a person uses in anticipating events; idea or thought that a person uses when construing personal experience construct system: collection of constructs used by a person at any given time to construe the events of his/her life. personality: for Kelly, the term refers to a person's construct system each person constructs his/her own constructs for dealing with the world. constructive alternativism: Kelly's belief that there are numerous ways of construing one's experience and therefore one is free to choose from a number of construct systems however, believed that people are controlled by their construct systems once they are created. ”a person's processes are psychologically channelized by the ways in which he anticipates events.” in other words, an individual's activities (behavior and thoughts) are guided in certain directions by the personal constructs used to predict future events. The 11 Corollaries -Kelly embellished his basic postulate by adding 11 corollaries 1.) Construction Corollary: “a person anticipates events by construing their replications” states that constructs are formed on the basis of the recurring themes in one's experience 2.) Individuality Corollary: “persons differ each other in their construction of events” states that each person is unique in his/her manner of construing experience; essence of Kelly's theory. 3.) Organization Corollary: “each person characteristically evolves, for his convenience in anticipating events, a construction system embracing ordinal relationships between constructs.”
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Alicia Deal Psy 431 12-09-03 Outline Extra Credit states that constructs are arranged in a hierarchy from most general to most specific. superordinate construct: general construct that subsumes other constructs
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final outline - Alicia Deal 12-09-03 George Kelly Psy 431...

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