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3.) Is television harmful for children? This is a relatively difficult question to answer. Many scientists rely on precise, concrete evidence in order to come to a conclusion. However, studies done on this subject either contradict each other, or had some type of fault in the method of which it was conducted. Therefore, there are opposing views on this question. W. James Potter believes that television is harmful to children, while Jib Fowles disagrees. According to Potter, television does have negative effects on children. He also states that he has conclusive research to support this belief. Potter says that exposure to violence on TV leads to aggression, desensitization, and fear. These effects can either be immediate or long-term. Immediate effects are defined as those occurring within several hours after exposure to violent images. Potter identifies six principles associated with immediate effects. According to some studies done, including one done by Palk and Comstock, show that exposure to violence through the media can lead to aggression. The "immediate disinhibition effect" is affected by many different characteristics. Studies show that boys and young children, the lower class youth, minority and immigrant groups, etc. are more influenced by violent exposure. Family life, cognitive processing,
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hon exam #3.doc - 3.) Is television harmful for children?...

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